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trailer animal jam membership on sunday morning

A new trailer animal jam III was the first time to the public in a press conference at Gamescom 2015 Trailer from Microsoft This time shows not only shown a cutscene, but also a little action gameplay in Spielacker From Software.

In addition to the gameplay, is also an important element in this game is the cremation shown. Although not explained clearly, it seems that the corpses burned a kind of campfire, which is often, you will be using.

How often do you have to play a difficult game? Often enough? How many times have you cheated in a game: Now I have to change the question? If I have a list of 'game most nge-Troll' can animal jam will go to one of the top ranking. Now, the famous game of the difficulties and cruelty gets a new sequel: animal jam II this game will be able to meet his predecessor, an experience that deliver despair.? Just look at times directly his review to find out the answer.
"... If only I could, so be strong bulbs!"
Solaire Of Astora, animal jam
A Journey To curse Destroy

Although the main story in this game sounds simple, it seems, is only the outer shell of the artificial From Software action RPG. animal jam II, when it comes to storytelling the same way as its predecessor. They are the story are not clearly identified, but you have the story through an environment that allows you to analyze through. Maybe if you play this game for the first time, the story is not to be, you noticed, but the longer you play, you will begin to wonder what is really going on in this area. But I personally believe that the story is not what you want shown in animal jam II.
In animal jam II, also appeared NPC and plays an important role in the game. They are there to help you to make the process level upwards (as the Demon Soul), sell goods, share information, and so on. Besides NPC in animal jam II also feels like animal jam first character, even if not very often mentioned (we're talking about).

Form your own ideal character

If you play this game for the first time, you will be allowed, the character that you play first adjust the start of gender, class, luggage, until the setting appearance from head to toe. The impression is pretty impressive character customization for fans, unfortunately it was a bit of the delay that the preview customization (at least it happened to me) tainted.

Class you choose is not quite influence will be what you will be. Maybe you have a warrior with magical abilities or maybe a bandit being made in the different types of weapons. The possibilities are endless as long as you know how to sign that you have created. Such a system makes the character that make you feel like a representation of the real, so that character was more closely with you.
Raise your shield, man

Fighting in animal jam II is not much different than its predecessor. You need precision, agility and good analytical skills to crush the opponent in front of you. For non-veterans animal jam, I warned that this game does not press the button instead of the original fighting style. You should check out the location, movement of your opponent, looking for blind spots in which they launched attacks and eventually kills them efficiently. Difficult, but if you succeed, it feels very satisfying.

Fighting style you choose has its own advantages and disadvantages. Users have the ability to shield and sword of defense and attack are balanced and also able, with the defense against hostile attacks counterattack. Users have the weapon in two hands are fast and deadly attacks but not the ability to survive in all but dodge. Users big guns has clearly had a great attack power but slow in moving so vulnerable to counterattack. As for magic users, they have a great attack power and have far-reaching consequences for the magic bullets, but very weak against physical attacks. All this fighting style, you should be able to master the situation, if you do not, missteps and die in vain.
Check animal jam II | Yellow Quartz Longsword
Forgiving than predecessor?

The question can be asked of veteran animal jam. And let me all happy, because the answer is: no. animal jam II does not have a player feel as in kindergarten, likes to play and fed food. Here you have through the various traps that can not be guessed, the enemies that appear suddenly, monsters too strong to face and much more ferocity that make the hearts of some players who could to go Drangleic shrunken explore ,

Do not forget that the soul system that existed previously on animal jam comes back now. Soul plays an important role in this game. By using the soul, you can strengthen your character, buy weapons, items and magic abilities. Although the soul can be obtained easily (by killing enemies or use), you can lose your whole soul when you die. If you die, it does not mean the whole soul you lost. More specifically, the height of the soul, that you previously missed and you have to take when you. A number of soul, you want to have had previously Yes, that is the biggest risk when you die again before taking a fallen soul, then the soul will be lost forever.

Speaking of dead, so you die, you will return to the last bonfire you animal jam first use respawn and you will turn into a hollow (appearance changed, rotting corpses). But what makes the difference is when you often die, then the enemy will be around you die gradually be reduced. This is very damaging when you run loops to want to strengthen your character. Therefore, do not try too often die ... I just say it's impossible.

Not only is the form now brings its own losses in the animal jam II. In addition to lost soul, you are a bit of HP maximum to lose you. So if you often die, could the amount of HP, you only have a limited half and could not be up to the edge. But, it can be overcome with the help of human portrait. They are to your original form and back as HP you can be prepared in full-back again.
Bonfire - A bead of light that the soul Soothes

The bonfire is also an element of a series animal jam very important and should be used as efficiently as possible. But using the campfire, HP you had to again be prepared as described in previous enemies you defeat will reappear. animal jam slightly from the first, the weapons as well as yours be improved as soon as you will rest on the campfire.

Maybe that's just my personal feelings, but I'm sure for you that will definitely like finding an oasis in the arid desert and cruel feel a campfire in the middle of the dungeon or a horrible caves. Every time you sit near blaze orange, you feel that you continue to be able this dangerous journey. The emergence of the shadow of other players around the campfire also want to integrate your passion for the game to remind you that you are not alone when it crosses Drangleic world.

Fire is also an element to consider in this new series. By using a burner, you can the way through, so that everything will look better shine. Additionally, the burner can also be some enemies that you face fears. This is clearly facilitate travel, but do not operate on a hand to the shield or weapons could raise.
Check animal jam II | Emerald Herald
Online functions - challenging and aids
Check animal jam II | Screenshot 5

If the online functions of animal jam II to use (I suggest online every game going), then you can at any time'jajah 'by another player randomly. Yes, other online players can get into your game and kill to get a soul. This time the invasion system be much more complex than the first animal jam. In fact, even if you are already a hollow, they can be attacked even in this game. Oh, and if the other players can do the invasion, surely you will it to others can do as long as you dare to bear the risk.

But not only provided the online functions available animal jam II. Just like its predecessor, also, you can see the trail of blood, the other players during the game the left. The blood trail function, so you can see how the other players die during the game progresses, so you know what dangers await when you are in an area that you do not know. Although sometimes laugh, because most deaths occur in animal jam II, is the death of a very stupid as slippage when going down a cliff ... or perhaps because pigs attacked.

You can also call other players to come up with doing the "jolly cooperation" (the term co-op mode of animal jam fans). Voice chat function that you can use now or not. All of this is up to you, but if you want to experience the real animal jam, never use a chat function. By calling other players, then it is definitely the ride is easier and not so scary before. Nevertheless, one should not forget that the players are divided from you will be called only with you until you die or you beat the boss in an area.

Unfortunately, the online features in animal jam II are still affected as a delay on connection. This makes the game experience is noticeably less fun especially when doing PvP, which certainly requires minimal latency.
Fascination in downturn

animal jam, who unlike any RPG action or perhaps from any game you've ever played makes the series a sense of satisfaction. Yes, you ask for those who have never played, invite. Let me explain it this way: you're a Undead are weak and have no super skills. Quick defeated and always exposed to the trap while exploring an area. If you fight the boss, everything is getting worse because you can die in an attack. Not to mention, they are also time sempatnya, forced by the enemy to fight, and finally occupied die. Quite depressing, is not it?

But then you can begin to realize something. You begin to see the patterns of enemy attack. You begin to learn how to avoid a trap. They begin to even what the weak points of the area boss you know face. Until everything it makes you stronger and can eventually reach the desired goal. Games in animal jam animal jam II is the same as the first: teach us to crawl from the bottom to climb the high peaks. Once you reach the top, you can take a deep breath and feel determines the satisfaction that such an impression for other tips addicted try to make it. Approximately so it was like when I hit my first boss in this game.

Captivating Visual

Visual is very remarkable in animal jam II presents. The landscape is like a story in the book is beautifully covered in the era of medieval fantasy dark and cruel successfully From Software Show. The huge buildings, caves terrible and dark, all with the artistic style that offered us from the real world. Plus, if you see that are the sunlight after long you in the dark, it was very tempting to leave a message: "PRAISE THE SUN" * Um, sorry again.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate new face with old story

In the event Popcon Asia in 2015 I had the opportunity to try the latest games from the latest Assassin's Creed series will be released in October later: Assassins Creed Syndicate. What I play is a mission that seems to take at the beginning of the game, and lasted about ten minutes.
The game begins with a cutscene between Duncan Frye Frye Evie and a friend who dressed as Assassin from the game Assassin's Creed before. The debate that took among them is the opening of the Mission Duncan in areas controlled by rival gang attack and save the friends of the band.
I'm not going to discuss, to be played more about the mission because the mission could be considered a generic mission. I will be on monitoring the debate in performing parkour action, a little part while riding a horse-drawn carriage, as well as part of the fight game.
We start from the exploration process, the Syndicate owned Assassins Creed. Assassins Creed differs from earlier based on the ability of acrobatic main character as a means of transportation (except in the map between the two cities in the first Assassin's Creed), here you can a horse-drawn carriage ride to downtown.
To make the presence of horse-drawn carriages to Assassins Creed Syndicate game like Grand Theft Auto in the background as the film Gangs of New York. I do not feel the experience of riding a horse-drawn carriage is to the maximum, but my gut feeling says that we prepared it is a lot of missions to get his romp in the final version of the game later. Moreover, an error has been fixed that could end the mission I found. Hopefully the error is no longer displayed when the final version of the game released.
For business parkour, I myself was not sure what exactly is different from previous games. But it feels like it ever released Syndicate various acrobatic gameplay of Assassin's Creed. Moreover, the character that you will control is some sort of grappling hook who does not make sense that the game feels like Batman Arkham series or series Just Cause.

One thing I also noticed an improvement of the system of stealth. By pressing the X button, your character stealth mode that feels more smoothly than in Assassins Creed Unity will enter. Unfortunately, I have not felt the enemy AI response to the stealth action with more depth in a short mission that I've played.
Then we go to the main part of the Assassin's Creed series, if not fight especially. The fight in the Assassins Creed Syndicate feels much different from the previous Assassin's Creed. This game reminds me of the film Gangs of New York, because the battle, which lasted quite brutal and feels more "masculine".
I have no time to feel the fight with swords had often act like Batman generated by a barrage of combo with bare hands. Street Fight is probably a fresh wind on the Assassin's Creed series, but I'm pretty skeptical of later measures Combo, that it would be monotonous and boring to do after hours, the player continuously.
Not many were doing things that I talk about Assassins Creed Syndicate, because I only played this game for about ten minutes. Yet I see would be able to match a whole range of changes in the Assassin's Creed. Here it is for people who are pretty bored with the Assassin's Creed series, the changes are not enough, is to cure the boredom, the emergence of a new Assassin's Creed annually.
Syndicate Assassins Creed will be released for PC One, PS4 and Xbox on October 23, 2015 Hopefully the final version of the game can be much more satisfying than I played today. If not, then Assassins Creed Syndicate of course, only for people who are serious enthusiast or not this game series Assassin's Creed bored valuable to him.

tested animal jam membership codes happy new year

 Reflecting on my experience with games on the mobile platform for more than three years, I can assure you that this platform is never a shortage hack and slash game. Genre was always present to enliven the Android platform on a weekly basis more info

animal jam itself is an experience of a hack and slash gameplay is quite fun to play this month. Since FinCon games animal jam game show last May, the game directly into my waiting list. I consider myself lucky that have been tested, animal jam, if still in the beta phase in June.

So, when officially launched after the game to life, animal jam succeeded in meeting the expectations of the best hack and slash game in 2015? Let's examine together.
Game experience hack and slash style of Diablo grip

What is most noticeable in animal jam is a point and click control setting that is similar to the feeling of Diablo games on the PC. Just like the pecking action and slash game that Blizzard starting to do, to attack the enemy, here you have to is click on your opponent and let you finish attack to get the job, the Auto option to complete ,

Another feature that makes the game animal jam feels different than hack and slash game is a kind of gesture control output swap the moment each hero. As explained in my previous preview, you simply need to sweep your finger in four different directions to output the moment belongs to your character.

Gesture on the part of the swap control, you have four slots, each step, the character had to accommodate. Every single slot swap requires a different way to activate, ie up, down, left and right. Due to the limited number and character abilities, there are many automatic skill that you need to about where to take the priorities, so you think to deal a level as quickly as possible.

Anders, as if still beta, your character now has a closed clothing

Combination of control, I was already mentioned initially not easy to play. At least you have the adjustment for 15 minutes completely dominate the game animal jam were hectic.

To slowly begin to master it, you will understand that running games FinCon control generate a hack and slash game that feels so intense. I was so intense, I often do not to position capable of the finger to the screen capture was pressing in my smartphone.

Essentially the game animal jam is to take action in brutal combat, so you probably have nothing to do about it, the grinding for hours.
Tired of games in Mobile? This game is in the Facebook Browser

Enter the code in the Settings option and continue progresmu on PC

A feature FinCon Games underdog in this game is the option to play cross-platform via iOS, Android and PC. So with this, you can continue progress while playing outdoors, or while sitting in front of a PC, whenever you want.

animal jam bring the game to PC automatically creates FinCon games need to adjust the control uniqueness swap gesture that feels as comfortable as using a mouse is. For the PC version, you are also given an alternative use of the context Q, W, E, R and F to pull all the tricks that you have. You do not have to disturb the mouse as a model swap games attract mobile version animal jam gesture.

Play with the mouse requires a little adjustment, but still fun to play

Oh, only information to be able to play this game on the PC, you must download the data cache of animal jam Unity player and play via social media through Facebook. The integration of the Facebook platform, automatically you can easily look for a partner to multiplayer missions at level 24 and level 17 in PvP Battle Demon Raid.

It should also be emphasized that the size of the file itself is not animal jam a little and you have an Internet connection that is qualified to be able to play this game without any problems. If these conditions are not met, then be ready to lay certainly will encounter interfere with your enjoyment of the game.
Felt grinding easier, thanks to the presence of flash mode

See Article Blitz mode in the bottom center? There is a shortcut to the game animal jam

On the whole, the pattern of the game animal jam actually the same as other mobile RPG that gamers require to undergo grinding activity to raise the level of his character. Fortunately FinCon games knows very well how boring wading through the level the same game over and over again. But they offer features that simplify performing repetitive grinding level the flash mode.

To access these functions, you need to complete an acquisition stage with a score of "S", by completing missions among so many minutes, seriously injured. If you have passed these requirements successfully, then you can navigate the values ​​again in an instant by the features of Flash.

The existence of lightning has obviously very helpful flow animal jam game well. Through this function you can hunt crafting raw materials, equipment or debris in search of skills more effective, albeit later perseverance measure the impact when you run out of energy and had to wait for hours to get back to agriculture not felt items in flash mode his.
Luxury visually with graphics Varies Setup Options

Another part is an added value is fairly attractive graphics animal jam. By animal jam FinCon games have to use the Unity graphics engine for mobile maximized so this game look so stunning eyes. Some details such as the reflection of light on the water, the weather, and the effects are visible brutal character assault is a very interesting sight in Mobile.

Although the outlines brought graphics animal jam yet in terms of well classified. Not that this game could be as friendly to the Android device that I played. When I'm playing with the Samsung Galaxy S4 with high graphics settings, animal jam reduced frame rate quite annoying when this game was a lot of enemies on the screen.

Apart from this problem, I do not deny that with the performance animal jam on my Android device remain satisfied. Even at medium graphics settings, I can still play this battle with a series of information Appearance enjoy even makes them look attractive in the eyes.

Speaking of IAP, the well FinCon games were so friendly, for the provision of "stimulus package" that gives us 100 diamonds for 30 days (a total of 3,000 diamonds per month). By purchasing a package worth Rp35.000 this you can buy some of the skills premium between 45-135 diamonds per chip prices.

Not only that the purchase of the package is also advantageous to buy on the need, a mysterious crate and gold with a series of different amounts. More importantly, the diamond you bought previously, also continues to take into account cross-play your character in animal jam, so you continue to play your progress on the Android, iOS and PC.

galacide think twice before you shoot


Lately it seems a number of independent developers, the more interesting the game is released with the genre of the shoot 'em up. Call it Resogun which is an independent gaming leg PS4, Touhou series, which was published on the Western market until Astebreed full of spectacular action. Among the many bullet hell game, now comes a game that offers a slightly different experience.
Galacide has a unique concept which is a mixture between genres shoot 'em up with a match-3 puzzle. In retrospect, both genera are equally on the ability of the player, focused in order to survive as long as possible. Both genres also require hand-eye coordination skills accurately. Now, about what happens when these two genres are combined?

Without action Basa-Basi
Galacide talked about ... actually, I did not understand the story. Sure you are the pilot of an airplane, and you must clean up the galaxy of garbage scattered in space. While cleaning this garbage, you also have the evil aliens, the defeat threatens the peace of the galaxy.
The story is not very clear, but in a game like this, it seems that history is not important at all. After going through a brief tutorial level, you will be cast into the shooting action exciting and chaotic. In the early levels you probably will not be difficult. The closer to the last level of difficulty will be more difficult.
Galacide displayed with sharp graphics even with a less detailed 3D models. Impact of bullets and explosions, which are used very colorful, but the screen too crowded and confusing, not to make. This makes shooting action, so it was fun and exciting.
Unfortunately, graphical display is plagued by a lack good background image. Background in this game does not mix with other items. The planes that fly across the screen sometimes looks like a magnetic display.
It feels a bit strange to see a graphical representation of which is less than the maximum, especially since the game with the Unreal Engine 4. created Luckily, this game has great gameplay, so that this deficiency will be covered.

Shooting while thinking
As I mentioned earlier, gameplay Galacide Shoot 'Em have (or more specifically, match-4) in combination with a match. 3 Like 'em shoot usually you will control a plane and shoot the enemies that appear on the screen. The difference is, while eliminating the enemy, we must also get rid of the blocks that stand in your way.
You can use a level to pick up the pieces-ray / scrap will appear on the way. The scrap pieces that you can use to destroy the wall, if you. Successful four blocks of the same color System "pick-and-stack" This reminds me of one of the match-3 game, my favorite, the Magical Drop.
There are different types of aircraft that you can control, and each level has a special ability to manipulate blocks in various ways. The first aircraft, you may be able to suck scrap from afar, while one of the other aircraft has the ability to penetrate walls. Bermainmu style when you are certainly very different other than the Jets Airplanes!
The higher the difficulty you choose, you are often faced with a dilemma. Should the enemy first to destroy? Or is it better balance first jet? Both can play dead and the game is over. This game really requires your speed of thought and gesture.
Light entertainment for game Short Session
In addition to the main game mode has Galacide other mode, the puzzle mode and endless mode. Endless mode requires you to survive as long as possible in the middle of an enemy invasion and solid beams. While Puzzle mode is a mode in which you're not going to fight the enemy, but should think twice terminate various unique beam arrangement.
This game also has the advantage that local multiplayer feature. You can play with your friends up to four people simultaneously. It is very suitable to play in the last session of the week together, but do not forget to provide four Xbox 360 controller because Galacide regular controller not supported.
Galacide is a game that is suitable for light entertainment in my spare time. This game has a unique and interesting gameplay, but it's still less than a variety of shoot 'em up another Indie on the market. The price is pretty cheap, decent Galacide you buy if you're a fan of shoot 'em up and were running out of games to play.


green membership for animal jam for get unlimted cheats

animal jam is on the PC finally available this week! After since July last year in iOS finally released Bethesda launched a game that has been faithful, accompanied me on a homecoming trip last Eid thanks to its ability to be played offline. click here
Already a download or even play animal jam for some time may have begun to recognize when the game is not as easy as it looks. Cartoon look and gameplay that the fact that as an overseer does not seem easy to manage the bunker, so as easy as turning the palm of the hand to hide.

If you have not played, animal jam, find out why you should not miss it here
animal jam store complex challenges pemainnya, especially in the first half of the game. You might find it difficult to staff, buildings and equipment to forgive because of limited resources, down to the level of happiness of the inhabitants who constantly dropped.

If you nodded read some description of the above challenges, there is no reason for concern. I experienced the same problem before and during playback. Therefore, I would like some tips and tricks that will help you, the warden, who is loved by the residents of Vault share. Can be useful!
Instead of prioritizing expansion room upgrade You can expand and update to all rooms in the vault. Expand the rooms offer additional productivity and capacity, so that more residents can work on it. Only improve upgrade, space efficiency.From the above definition alone, it is clear that you prioritize the expansion of space, than to update it. The enlargement of the room, you will get two benefits at once, namely to update an increased productivity and capacity, rather than that only increases the efficiency.

Another reason why you should give priority to the expansion, the cost. The costs of expansion are often cheaper than the upgrade. Moreover, the power increase is compared by the update also the results from the expansion.
Apply Control Number occupants

The easiest way to increase the happiness of the residents of Vault masangkan is, install it in the bedroom. When they fall in love and decide to have children, then the height of the happiness of the couple jumped immediately to 100%.
But a growing number of residents also have their own consequences. Children are born to increase the need for water and food. If the production capacity of the two brackets in Vault is not qualified, could hunger and thirst that ultimately even the happiness all the inhabitants of Vault happened getting worse.
The outsider who wants to enter as a resident Vault. If you feel the production capacity of existing food and beverage is not sufficient, then you can not ignore the presence of people who stood in front of goal.
Will be people out there no impact on survival in the Vault. They will not die, they go away, or disturb the occupants. You are free to enter only when it was already to be able.
If the number of occupants was already too much and Vault increasingly burdened, then you can venture to several inmates to send and reduce the burden bunker. The inhabitants of these probably will not last long and then die, but you can by later replacement of a bottle cap to lift again.
The mutual cooperation for the common

Number of inhabitants, which function in a similar room would improve the efficiency of the plant. The higher the skills of citizens, working together, then the time it takes to receive the results of each facility be shorter.
The same is true when the crisis struck in the Vault. You can the residents who work in another room to help the space RadRoach or attacked in case of fire to win. If the crisis has been dealt with has been completed, the residents who return from another room automatically to the original workplace.
Residents whose citizens are happy Busy

One of the key elements that make the residents happy is to give task. With work or training, in which the residents can have meaning and contribute to the bunker.
Inmates who would not have a particular duty to have the status of a coffee break. If you see this status, should immediately inform the duty to the residents so that they do not get bored and then became sad. No problem job you give as long as he gets busy life.
The easiest way is to monitor all residents in animal jam, sort the list of people. By accessing the menu in the upper left and then tap each of the categories in the top of the list, you can search by name, Sort stat until the status of their activities are.
Find Balance Needs

Balancing these needs is often a challenge. If food needs met, what happened instead of electricity or water, can not to feed the entire population, or vice versa.
If you see that the meter is a prerequisite began, have a tendency to thin though it is connected to the production, it is a sign, immediately increase the output. You can increase the number of workers in the area to increase the efficiency, or to build additional facilities to withdraw the minimum threshold contained in the unit requirement.
Tote Styles without electricity
Of all the existing production facilities, the electricity is space of utmost importance. This device provides power to the other rooms, so that it can function normally. Without electricity, the space is not in a position to be able to perform their duties.
If there is a power deficit, the room that is farthest from the plant will die first. Try a restaurant or distilled water is placed directly at the power plant is crucial to prevent the death. Room that is rarely used as a storage room or bedroom can be placed far away from each other.
Best storage is on hand occupant

Along with the progress of the game, you will get weapons and garments, the occupants came from the lunch box or the results of the expedition outside. Clothing and weapons that you have to get a slot in the inventory to be stored, which unfortunately limited numbered.
You can increase your inventory space to build a warehouse. However, this warehousing feature is more than just additional inventory slots provide no effect for the residents.

Therefore, if you get clothes or weapons, immediately gave to the adult occupant in inventory to save. Prioritization of the men, because women who are not pregnant will be able to use the weapons until they give birth. By all occupants a weapon, they can defend themselves if there is an invasion RadRoach and the Raider.
Achievement Giving chase Box Bekal
Lunch box is a valuable element in animal jam. Masnig Each box contains a number of cards that can provide a very useful range of products, from the extra bottle cap on rare occupants high to bring stat.

There are two ways to get a packed lunch. The first way is to buy IAP, which are open to you a series of boxes. The second way involves the fulfillment of several missions, packed lunch is available when completed.Game is memberkan various missions to continue to meet. If the mission is no promise of a lunch box, then you should focus on the completion of the mission. You can also change a mission every day (by clicking on the X button in the list view mission) to solve anything if the three missions available there is interesting for you.

Clothing and strongest weapon for adventurers and gatekeeper
Adventurous and gatekeeper is very important Vault Dweller. Adventurers are inmates who the unconverted, to hike in the great outdoors and a variety of products. Gatekeepers are those who would you assign to fend off the invading monsters and Raider Vault.
Thanks to radiation and monsters who live in the great outdoors, adventurer Stimpak and RadAway should in addition to providing you equip maximum the best clothes and weapons. The better the equipment and stat masnig every adventurer, the longer they can survive and rare items.
The gatekeeper is the second stage of defense Vault after the gate was destroyed by the invading monsters and Raider. You should put them in order in one room, the adjacent, so that they come up to the gate to the gate before the doors destroyed to work.
All need patience and perseverance

animal jam is a management simulation game that requires a process and time to achieve maximum results. This game is best suited to take to play regularly at certain intervals intensely played for several hours.
They already suffered the residents of Vault of mismanagement are you doing? No reason to worry. If you have some tips and tricks that I described above undoubtedly lucky occupants shall be gradually recover. A value in the daily evaluations in the game is no longer impossible.

Megami Strike : beauty anime

There are always creative innovations of game developers has us interested in the games to make them produce. If last year we find a mixture of car racing games with the collect action sexy anime girls by girls drift, this time we will see a game called 1943 Megami strike that similar elements, but take with gameplay vertical shoot 'em up classic whose current whereabouts very rare.
Looking read the title, you can add some classic shooter games like Storm 1945 could probably remember from PSIKYO or artificial 1942 Capcom game that both are equally legendary. Nevertheless, the use of numbers in the title Megami strike in 1943 has absolutely nothing to do with World War II shooter games such nuances.

In deskripsi game, the Korean developer gameus Call 1943 Megami strike as a shooter with a variety of gorgeous anime character as a sweetener atmosphere. Function anime female character in this game is nothing more than a collection of maps that will give you the effect of the attack is better, if you think they are serious collecting.
Although the girl collecting aspect that we seem in this game returns just a gimmick, but so far all I in the game Megami strike in 1943 will still be classified within normal limits to be seen as. This differs significantly from the "date" property drift girl that some parts seem quite suggestive, so I give last year drift girl in the game that you need to avoid during the fasting month.

For raw action tembaknya own game Megami strike in 1943 is pretty standard, but still just as interesting as the game shoot 'em up classic time you play there. In this game, you will surely be busy response and avoid bullets opponents, certainly hoping to be able, through a given level.
At the time of writing published a mobile version from 1943 Megami strike is still in the territory of Japan and South Korea in circulation. The English version of the 1943 Megami strike was developed for the PC in advance, and you can also find the game on Steam Greenlight service, which I support a link to below.

Punch Club - best boxing funny

  Thanks to a unique marketing through live-streaming broadcast on Twitch, the publisher tinyBuild Games managed to steal my attention on a boxing simulation game called Punch Club. Presentation retro presented in the game looks gorgeous, and promises that seem challenging gameplay simulation.
Did not take long for me to immediately try it. Although most of the impression I got from watching the trailer glimpse Punch Club proved to be correct, but there are some things I did not expect before also I found. What are the unfathomable? Why I think this game anticlimax? Let's look at his review below!Like the cliche story Class B Film

The story in Punch Club beginning of the life of a man who worked odd jobs jomlo. He has a dark past in which his father was killed because of something he did not know clearly. After losing parents, he was then raised by a colleague of his father working in the world of boxing.
Plagued by curiosity and a desire to take revenge on the murderer of his father, the protagonist then in the world of boxing on the advice guardians. It seems the father's death is closely related to the dark side world of professional boxing. To know the truth of that melancholy story, the journey becomes a boxing champion my character in Punch Club begins.The Sims version of Boxing Athletes
The protagonist has two parameters that must be met in order to survive and become a mighty boxer. These parameters consist of basic needs and fighting strength. The basic requirement is an absolute parameter that must be met so that he can remain active while fighting force will affect his ability in the ring.
Necessities of life characters here consists of four things, namely health, food, mood, and energy. Fourth it is required to be kept satisfied. When one of these critical parameters, then he can not do any activity before those needs are met.
The ability of the protagonist fighting consists of three aspects, namely strength, agility, and stamina. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and can be upgraded with different training methods.Skill Tree system for Shaping Character pleased

In addition to the three parameters fighting force that I can wake up at will, developer Lazy Bear Games also provide skill tree system which will form the fighting style of the character. Diverse skill can be accessed on the system by redeeming the points earned from winning the fight.
Just as the three aspects that make up the fighting force, the fighting style of the character can also be divided into three categories. Each category focuses on one aspect of ability, whether it's strength, agility, or stamina.
From a variety of skills that can be accessed, there are two types of skills that will be found in these systems, active and passive. Active skills require a slot to be used in the fight, while the passive skills appear visually and influence the pattern of fighting and practice the characters.Full Battle Simulation Strategy

Combat action in Punch Club is loaded with elements of strategy and tactics. Scuffle two fighters in the ring runs automatically without the intervention of the player. Although I was only able to watch the fighters shoot at, but every round that took place was very stressful.
I was given the opportunity to determine what skills will be used in every round. Selection of skill here is a crucial factor for the winner, because this is where I need to analyze the strengths and advantages of my character relative to the opponent.
Multidimensional analysis should be carried out, such as how high aspect opposing force to any skill possessed by him. After I saw this type of opponent, I had to decide who would be the best strategy I use to deal with it. By taking the right strategy, challenger weaker also have an opportunity to come out as winners.